Designer Blue Sapphire Earrings And Pendant Set – Best Jewelry Deals
Designer Blue Sapphire Earrings And Pendant Set - Best Jewelry Deals

Designer Blue Sapphire Earrings And Pendant Set

  • $74.99

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All of our Fine Jewelry is manufactured with stunning AAA Clarity Grade, AAA Cut Grade high quality gemstones which are carefully set in .925 Sterling Silver.

All of our product listings have been created by a jeweler that is certified in both Jewelry Essentials and in Colored Gemstones by the Gemologist Institute of America.

This being said, gemstone grading reports can be somewhat subjective, opinions of value and quality of stones can vary greatly among "experts" based on current market conditions, availability in the market place, geographical location, gemological equipment types, method of grading and the evaluator's training. Similar to real estate, a gemstone is worth different amounts to different people, in different parts of the world. Therefore, Best Jewelry Deals makes no warranty or guarantee as to the sizes, color, or clarity of gemstones. Best Jewelry Deals also makes no warranty as to the origin of the stones. All colored gemstones including sapphires, white topaz, cubic zirconium, emeralds, ruby, tanzanite, amethyst, alexandrite, citrine, aquamarine and others are to be considered to be either lab created or to have treatments which are common in the market place such as heat, diffusion, lead glass and flux additives unless otherwise noted (if a product says it's natural, we stand by it being natural). Treatments of gemstones are so common in the marketplace that it is estimated 99% of all gems have some sort of treatment.

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